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Chapter 1: No Other Choice
Chapter 2: Fate's Manipulation
Chapter 3: One Step Closer
Chapter 4: Sailorstar
Chapter 5: Boxing the Sheep
Chapter 6: Wake Up Call
Chapter 7: Giver of Her Hope
Chapter 8: Bittersweet
Chapter 9: A Change
Chapter 10: Love is Built on Trust
Chapter 11: How Unexpected
Chapter 12: Love, Gamed
Chapter 13: Why?
Chapter 14: Hourglass Figure
Chapter 15: Chocolates and Roses
Chapter 16: Better than a Compliment
Chapter 17: Progressing
Chapter 18: You CAN’T do this!
Chapter 19: Love is Selfish
Chapter 20: Hairclips don’t Cry
Chapter 21: Telepathy
Chapter 22: Jang Ri In Appears
Chapter 23: Mixed Emotions
Chapter 24: Burial
Chapter 25: Understanding Oneself
Chapter 26: Nice to Meet You
Chapter 27: The Child
Chapter 28: Conflicts
Chapter 29: Yoochun's Sick
Chapter 30: The Start
Chapter 31: Hatred?
Chapter 32: AniPlay
Chapter 33: You Do Not Know Jang Ri In
Chapter 34: Our Past
Chapter 35: Second Loss
Chapter 36: Unspeakable Pain
Chapter 37: Irreplaceable
Chapter 38: My Friend
Chapter 39: One Step, Two Step
Chapter 40: Stop
Chapter 41: Zoo-rish Plans
Chapter 42: I Believe in You
Chapter 43: Clown on Necklace
Chapter 44: Girlfriend? Fiancée!
Chapter 45: A Clown Love is Destined to be Happy


Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrGa2uM8rU


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